Custom Development Services

Does your project need a custom version of our IP Cores? Or a a fully new IP Core? Or perhaps you need a complete programmable logic design?

SafeCore offers ad-hoc services to:

  • Customize our available IP Cores to match specific constraints of your system
  • Develop an IP Core that is not in our list of products and that is needed in your system
  • Design the complete FPGA/ASIC based on your specification

Our specialists have close to twenty years of experience in the development of programmable logic for airborne FPGAs and ASICs. They were at the front lines when DO-254 was made mandatory with AC20-152 back in 2005. They have contributed to the design and verification of FPGAs ranging from DAL A to DAL C that are currently flying in aircrafts like the Airbus A350, Sukhoi Superjet 100, COMAC C919, Alenia Aermacchi M346, NHI NH90 and other fixed- and rotary-wing aircrafts.

We have experience designing with Intel (formerly known as Altera), Lattice, Microchip (formerly known as Actel and Microsemi) and Xilinx. Due to their suitability for airborne systems and their recent performance upgrades with the IGLOO2 and PolarFire families, we are particularly skilled with Actel/Microsemi/Microchip FPGAs.

Testing, Validation And Verification Services

SafeCore specialists have more than ten years of experience in testing for airborne electronics. We know that testing is a hard and exhaustive job. For that reason, we offer our testing, validation and verfication services for your electronic hardware, software or system.

The testing, validation and verification services consists of:

  • Selecting the test/validation/verification strategy and environments that better suit your product
  • Creating Test Cases and Procedures according to the requirements (Requirements-based testing)
  • Implementing and executing the Test Cases and Procedures in a simulation environment (e.g. a VHDL or Systemverilog test bench)
  • Implementing and executing the Test Case and Procedures in a Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) test environment
  • Performing requirements coverage analysis
  • Performing structural coverage analysis (e.g. elemental analysis, MC/DC coverage)
  • Performing particular analysis, like timing analysis
  • Generating the corresponding lifecyle data according to DO-254 (hardware), DO-178C (software) or ARP4754A (systems).

DO-254 Reverse Engineering

DO-254 guidance was initially intended for new development of airborne electronic hardware. However, you may have a product that was initially developed for a different industry and want to use it in aviation industry.

The DO-254 standard already foresees the usage of reverse engineering to create the missing life-cycle data of an already existing product, in order to make it compliant with DO-254 criteria.

SafeCore DO-254 Reverse Engineering service consists of:

  • Analyzing your product and processes to identify any DO-254 compliance gaps (Gap Analysis)
  • Evaluating and selecting the means to perform DO-254 tasks that better suit your needs
  • Creating the DO-254 process plans and standards
  • Creating the multiple DO-254 artifacts (requirements, design, code, verification means, etc.) according to the plans, or
  • Training your staff to do the DO-254 tasks themselves

Safety Assessment

No safety-critical product is complete without a proper safety assessment.

Our safety specialist, with more than ten years of experience in systems safety for large, civil aeroplanes according to ARP-4754A and ARP 4761, can help you to design a safe product.

Our safety assessment services include:

  • Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Summary (FMEA/FMES)
  • Common Mode Analysis (CMA)
  • Analysis of Single Event Effects (SEE) cause by atmospheric radiation
  • Safety reviews of system, software and hardware specifications
  • Assignment of Development Assurance Level (DAL) according to ARP 4754A

At SafeCore, we do believe in the concept of safety-drive design as a continuous process in which the safety specialists help the designers to make the right decisions, accompanying them through the development. Therefore we offer not only to perform specific safety assessment, but also to proactively support your designers.

Consulting Services

Do you need an independent assessment of your current airborne electronic hardware, software or systems development? Are you facing blocking problems with it and need alternative solutions?

SafeCore offers the consulting services of its experienced specialists to solve technical or formal problems related with the development of airborne electronic hardware, software or systems.

Our specialists can rely on their long experience in airborne systems like:

  • Primary and Secondary Flight Control Systems
  • Integrated Modular Avionics
  • Display Systems
  • Mission and Communication Systems
  • Braking Control Systems
  • Data Concentration Units and Aircraft Data Networks (ARINC 664 / AFDX)
  • Controllers for Electro-Mechanical Actuators